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FAQ about Piè di Costa and Montaione

The house, is in a panoramic position?

Yes. The vacation home is located on a top of a hill from where you can admire the wonderful tuscany landscape right to the hill that surround Florence.

How many people in total can stay in Piè di Costa?

Holiday Home Piè di Costa is divided into five apartments, what sit two apartment for 2 persons and three apartment for 4 persons for a maximum of 16 people.

Are there any industrial area in the surroundings?

NO. Holiday home Piè di Costa is far from any industrial areas, electrical pylon that may be detrimental to yours health or disturb relax during your holiday. Piè di Costa is located into a private property of 12 hectares, at his time into a huge area cultivated with olives groves and chianti vineyards.

Are there any other houses in the vicinity?

NO. Holiday home Piè di Costa is a lonely house composed by a rural house where there are the five apartments and a barn used to store the farm equipment. The house is surrounded by a huge garden with grass of 10.000 sqm where you can find an olive groves and many fruits. The nearest home is 200 mts far.

There is a coffee machine in the apartments?

YES. Each apartment are have an Italian coffee machine (Moka).

In the kitchen of the apartments, can I find salt, pepper and sugar?

NO. For hygienic safety we do not supply, salt, pepper and sugar.

Do you supply the washing-up liquid?

Washing-up liquid for washing dishes by hand are not supplied. The dishwasher tablets (for apartments Girasole, Mimosa and Iris) can be purchased at nearby supermarkets.

There are insects (mosquitoes, flies, wasps) in Piè di Costa?

Living in the countryside, in an unspoiled enviroment away from the smog of the city it is beautiful and relaxing but being surrounded by nature makes easy to find mosquitoes, wasps, ants or other small insects. Unfortunately it is impossible to eliminate them entirely and you can not do pest control since it is even harmful for people, especially children.
However as for mosquitoes it is possible to reduce discomfort by using electric mosquitoes repellent you will find in the apartments. To use them, simply buy at your local supermarket tablets or liquid charge repellent substance. In general, as much as possible to keep away insects, we suggest you to keep doors and windows closed (especially at night) and do not leave food and/or drinks on the table all day.

Is always open the swimming pool?

The pool is shared with the owners and is usually open from 01/05 to 10/10

Do you provide towels for the pool?

No. The pool towels are not provided.

In addiction of what indicated on the website, what other can we find in the apartment?

In the bedrooms you will find linings and towels for the bathroom (1 small, 1 medium and one large). Bathrooms are provided with 1 toilet paper and a carpet for the shower.

There is a laundry in Piè di Costa? How can I use it?

YES. In Piè di Costa is available a laundry with laundromat and iron board. Coins can be requested at your arrival directly to the reception, and you will pay at your departure only what you can actually used. All apartment are provided with a clothes up folder.

Towels and sheets changed every day?

Reuse the same linen for several days helps us to protect the environment and reduce cleaning costs allowing us to maintain our competitive prices. For this reason, the towels and sheets are not changed every day.
Upon your arrival you will find in the apartment the bed linen and towels for the bathroom (1 small for bidet, 1 large shower towel and 1 medium hand towel for the face).
At your request and with a payment of a little extra, you can also receive additional linens or towels.
For those staying more than one week (after 7 days), it is provided free of charge a complete change of sheets and towels.

Is it possible to change linings and bath towels during the week?

YES, with a payment of an extra cost.

How and where can we use the barbecues?

Barbecues are at our guests disposal to be used in the garden. By the way charcoal is not supplied and have to be bought in the shops of Montaione.

Is it possible in Piè di Costa to have meals or breakfasts?

Holiday Home Piè di Costa meals or breakfast are not served. All our apartments are provided with a full kitchen equipment to let you cook and prepare your favourites meals or breakfasts.

In Piè di Costa, is it possible to get tourist information about the most important cities of art of tuscany or about Montaione?

Yes of course. At the reception we will be glad to inform you with tourist information about all the most importanct cities of art like Florence, Pisa, Siena, Lucca, San Gimignano, Volterra.

Does the owner stay in Piè di Costa?

Owners don't permanently live at Piè di Costa, by the way a daily presence is almost guaranteed.

Could you give me some suggestions about the most important things to put into my suitcase?

Of course! We have prepared a useful guide with some tips and suggestions on the most important things to pack before leaving for your travel to Tuscany.

Here you are some tips how to prepare your suitcase before you start for a travel in Tuscany

In Piè di Costa it is possible to taste and buy wine?

Of course. During your stay in Piè di Costa you can taste and buy our wines. From our vineyards made by Chianti (2/3) and white grapes (1/3) we produce white and red wines that not only can be tasted and purchased during your holiday but they can be a great gifts to take home in remember of Piè di Costa.

Discover our wines

Piè di Costa is a good place for a holiday with family and children?

With no doubt a family with small children can spend their holidays in peace and joy. In the large garden surrounding the apartments, in fact, our young guests can play safely in the children playground. The swimming pool (13x6.5 meters) has been designed to reserve an area of lower water (50 cm) suitable and safe for children. We also try to take care of the needs of families with children providing baby cots and high chairs in the apartment.

More information about our children playground and a vacation with family

How can we make a reservation?

To book one of our apartments just check the prices and availability with our online booking system.

For more information read our guide on how to book an apartment.

In the price list and the reservation voucher is required to pay the local occupancy tax. What is this?

The Local occupancy tax is a fee paid by those staying in one of the accommodations that are located in the territory of Montaione as well as in many other municipalities in the province of Florence.
Must be paid to the manager of the accommodation, which will pay it to the Municipality of Montaione.
The tax will be allocated to finance interventions in the tourism sector which will include maintenance, and renovation of cultural and natural heritage sites in addition to local public services.

The tax - € 1 per person per night - applies to any overnight (or for each person for each night), up to a maximum of 6 consecutive nights.

Here follow some examples:
Family of 2 adults and 1 child 8 years old. 1 week € 1 x 6 nights x 2 adults = € 12. The child under 14 is free.
Family of 2 adults and 1 child 14 years old. 2 weeks € 1 x 6 nights x 2 adults + 1 child (3 persons) = € 18.

What happen in case we have to cancel our reservation?

In case of cancellation, we have decided to offer a solution to advantage those who - in spite of cancellation - wants to spend an holiday in Tuscany in future.

For more information, please read our General Rental Terms

I would like to take with me on holiday my laptop. Is there a wi-fi service to surf on internet?

At our guests disposal there is free wireless service that will allow you to surf internet with privacy and security. By using the password that you have to require at your arrival or during your stay you can easily navigate inside your apartment or in the garden as well as under the umbrella at the poolside.
During your holiday in Tuscany, you will be able to receive and send emails, search for information on places to visit, book visits to the museums of Florence and Siena or working away from home.
When you arrive, therefore, request the password and user name to enter the wireless service of Piè di Costa.

More information about Piè di Costa wireless service

How do we get Montaione?

Mostly of our guests arrive in Montaione by car. It's also possible to arrive by plain, landing in Florence airport 'Amerigo Vespucci' or in Pisa airport 'Galileo Galilei', both far 50 Km from Piè di Costa, and then rent a car from the airport.
A car is necessary if you are going to visit towns such as Volterra and San Gimignano where there is not a rail station, or to make sightseeing in the less important cities where is difficult to get with the normal public transport.
Guests can also arrive by train. The nearest rail station is in Castelfiorentino at 9 Km from Montaione. Once you get Castelfiorentino we suggest to ask for a taxi (also if it's difficult to find one) or to take a bus.
By the way in case of troubles our guest can always contact the reception of Piè di Costa, and let us organize a pick-up service.

It's necessary to have a car during our stay in Piè di Costa?

It's possible to stay in Piè di Costa also without a car.
The nearness of Montaione at only 500 mts allow you to get the village by feet and to use all the services offered.
By the way we suggest to come by car or, if you come by plain, to rent one at the airport, as it will be necessary to visit Tuscany and the towns where the public transport does not offer an adequate service.

Is it possible to rent a car in Montaione?

If you need to rent or hire a car, the nearest place is in Certaldo. (

How far is Piè di Costa from the town of Montaione?

Piè di Costa is only 500 mts far from the village of Montaione.

Can we get Montaione by feet?

Yes. It's possible to get Montaione on foot or by bike.

Which services does the village of Montaione offer?

Montaione, with his 3500 inhabitants, offer all the modern services at any time of the year.
In fact there are supermarkets, grocer's, bakery's, chemist's, doctors, banks, postal offices, public library, restaurants and pizzerias and Internet point.

For further information about services in town and shops, please visit

If we get in the evening or in the late afternoon, till what time is possible to make shopping in the nearby?

In Montaione, shops are usually open till 19.30/20.00 pm.

Further information about the shops in Montaione

Is it possible to make shopping on Sunday? Are the any food shop or supermarket open?

Yes. In summer time, some shops or a little supermarket are open on Sundays morning.

Further information about Supermarkets in Montaione

Are there any restaurants near Piè di Costa or in the surrounding of Montaione?

Yes. There are 16 restaurants in the territory of Montaione, of which 4 in the historical centre and 12 the surrounding countryside. They usually offer Tuscan dishes but also international menus or pizzeria.

Further information about restaurants in Montaione

Till what time is possible to have dinner in Montaione's restaurants?

In the restaurants, it's usually possible to have dinner till 21.30/22.00, while in the pizzerias, is possible to eat till 22.30.

How far is Montaione from the most important cities of art fo Tuscany like Florence, Siena, Pisa, Lucca, Volterra, and San Gimignano?

Montaione is far from the most important cities of art like Florence, Siena and Pisa only 50 Km, while Lucca is at 60 Km and San Gimignano and Volterra respectively at 22 and 30 Km.

Further information about the most famous Tuscan cities of art that worth a visit during your stay in Piè di Costa.

Is it possible to get by train these cities?

Florence, Pisa and Siena are easily within train distance from Castelfiorentino rail Station. To reach Lucca by train is necessary to change in Empoli or Pisa or alternatively starting from Florence, in any case the travel will be longer. In Volterra and San Gimignano there is not a rail station.

Is it possible to make any sport activity in Montaione? Which?

Yes. Montaione represent a right choice for those who love a sport holiday. Thank to a wide range of country trails, the territory offer an endless variety of itineraries and possibilities foe enjoying a cycling holiday - better if mountain bike - or simply for trekking. In this case we suggest to buy the country road map of Montaione. For those who love the horse riding, there are horse riding centre and school that offer the most important services and organize day trips in the countryside.

Information about cycling holidays in Tuscany

Is it possible to play golf in the nearby?

For those who want to play golf, the nearest golf club is in Castelfafi  - located only 11 km from Montaione – with a 18 hole and 9 hole golf course.
In less than an hour's drive you can reach many other golf clubs where you can play golf surrounded by the beautiful tuscan landscape.

More information about Golf holidays in Tuscany

In Montaione, are organized any festival, events or handicrafts market with typical products?

Yes. During the summer time are organized, in the historical centre of Montaione, festivals and handicrafts markets where it's usually possible to taste typical Tuscan food products made in the nearby farmhouses, or to buy local handicraft products.

There is an Internet Point in Montaione?

Yes. There is an internet Point in Montaione in the Public Library in Via Marconi. Phone +39 (0)571 699 252.
However in Piè di Costa is available a wireless service where guests with their own laptop can connect on internet for free.

Are there any Banks in Montaione? Do they have a Cash Dispenser?

Yes. In Montaione there are 3 banks from where is possible to take cash, besides to the banking hours, with a cash dispenser too 24 hours on 24.

There is a postal office in Montaione?

Si. A Montaione c'è un ufficio Postale in piazza Cavour.

Where is possible to get some tourist information in Montaione?

In Montaione is possible to get tourist information at the Tourist Office in Via Cresci, 15 - Phone +39 (0)571 699 255.
By the way, with your request, is possible if available, to have maps and tourist information directly at the reception of Piè di Costa, of the most important cities of art of Tuscany.

There is a Chemist's in Montaione?

Yes. In Montaione there is a Chemist's in Via Roma, 46. In Montaione there are also available Doctors, Paediatrician, a Dentist and a Veterinary.

Information about useful numbers of Montaione

Is there an emergency doctor in Montaione or in the nearby?

In Montaione, at "Villa Serena" there is a medical office Tel +39 (0) 571 6991. In Castelfiorentino there is a small first aid, while in Empoli there is an hospital.

Tips and tricks

How to make a reservation

Do you have some doubt about how to book an apartment in Piè di Costa? Watch out now our guide, you will find all useful information to book your next holiday in Tuscany!

Some suggestions how to prepare your suitcase

The experience concerning the needs of our guests once they get Piè di Costa enable us to give, to everybody who want to spend an holiday in Tuscany, a short list to keep in mind while packing the suitcase.

General rental terms

For everything you need to know about renting your apartment: about payment and security deposit, cancellation policy, and the documents that are required at your arrival, please read our general rental terms.


Piè di Costa offers its guests 5 cozy apartments, decorated with care and well equipped with all modern comforts perfect for couples and families, so as to encourage total relax and tranquility. You will feel like on vacation at your own place.

Farmhouse apartment Tuscany


Wi-fi in every apartment, dishwasher and satellite TV are just some of the amenities to make your stay in Tuscany a relaxing vacation close to nature but without compromising on comfort.

Private outdoor area
Private outdoor area
Swimming pool
Swimming pool
Children playground
Children playground

10 good reasons

to choose Piè di Costa for your holidays in Tuscany

Saying that Tuscany is a land of wines with intense aromas, blue skies and sunflowers’ fields, it is the land of “dolce vita” with its Mediterranean climate, majestic scenery and magical landscapes, is enough to convince you to have a vacation in this beautiful area.

But what makes Piè di Costa special? Here are 10 good reasons that will make you want to pack up and spend your holidays in this beautiful frame.

Ping pong and table soccer

On the terrace overlooking the swimming pool and from which you can admire a beautiful view of the Tuscan hills, there is a ping pong table and a table soccer for the enjoyment of young and adults.

Ping pong and table soccer
Tuscany farmhouse with EV Charging Station

EV Charging Station

Do you have an electric car? No problem!

At the parking lot, at disposal of our guests traveling by electric car, there is a EV charging station.

Our wines

Tuscany, a land of extraordinary beauty where the climate is suited to the cultivation of the earth in all its variation. Montaione is located in the heart of Tuscany in an area rich in nutrients that has ideal climatic conditions for the cultivation of vines that give us the opportunity to have grapes with great potential to achieve. In such a setting there is Piè di Costa.

Wine tasting farmhouse in Tuscany


Montaione, is located just 500 meters from Piè di Costa, so close that many of our guests prefer to walk or bike there.

It takes just a few minutes to get to this picturesque village where you can stroll, shop, relax and have a coffee or an ice cream facing the panoramic terrace, as well as exploring the historic center with its medieval streets and walls.

Active holidays

Montaione is made for sporting holidays in all seasons.

This is the time to follow your heart and try your hand at something new. Think of riding? Golf? Walks in the countryside? It makes no difference, you can be sure that Montaione has the right soil and the experience to give you a really satisfying sporting holiday, whatever your choice.

Piè di Costa's presentation video

Let yourself be carried away by emotions of this short video which shows in all its beauty, Piè di Costa, the apartments, the swimming pool and the fantastic Tuscan landscape in which is located.


At Holiday Home Pie di Costa our guests come first.
Knowing you are happy makes us happy.

Here's what some of our guests said about us.


  • Filippo, le propriétaire et sa maman ont été très accueillants et à notre écoute. Un grand merci à eux ! Piè di Costa est un lieu de vacances idéal que nous conseillons vivement.

    imgHortensia21, 10 september 2015 on

  • Pie di Costa is een top accommodatie. We werden welkom geheten door Filippo met zijn dochter en moeder. In ons prachtige en ruime appartement Girasole stond een fles heerlijke rode wijn van druiven uit eigen wijngaard.

    imgAly Postma, 10 september 2013 on

  • Wir verbrachten im Juli eine Woche im Appartement Girasole und haben einen sehr entspannten Urlaub gehabt! Der Garten und der Pool sind sehr ansprechend, es ist vor allem für eine Familie mit kleinen Kindern sehr gut geeignet.

    imgClaudia L, 26 july 2014 on

  • Piè di Costa is zowel geschikt om er enkel met partner als met je hele familie te verblijven. De afgelopen 15 jaar zijn we er 10 maal geweest in diverse samenstellingen en elke keer was het weer aangenaam verblijven, je komt in 'n warm bad!

    imgkoolkockengen, 20 september 2015 on

  • I det dejlige Toscana ligger vingården Pie`di Costa. Vi har nu 2 år i træk holdt vores ferie på dette pragtfulde sted. Er i til total afslappet atmosfære er det bare stedet, hvor man kan nyde hindanden og den helt enestående natur.

    imgSvend Aage S, 27 november 2012 on

  • Yet another wonderful holiday at Pie di Costa. Brilliant location and excellent accommodation. Filippo and Nila are to be congratulated on such a fantastic facility.

    imgAnita and John, 24 june 2016 on

  • Mooie, centraal gelegen, locatie voor een bezoek aan Toscane! Appartementen zijn Italiaans ingericht maar alle nodige faciliteiten zijn aanwezig. Zwembad is groot genoeg voor het aantal aanwezige en zeer goed onderhouden!

    imgFrank, 01 july 2016 on

Getting there

Holiday house Piè di Costa is located in Montaione, in Valdelsa area. Nestled in the countryside and surrounded by characteristic landscapes is easily accessible from the major airports and train stations of Tuscany.